Resistors and Capacitors in Haier HT-2180 Colour Television

The article below provide you with information about the semiconductor mainly resistors and capasitors within Haier  HT-2180 PARTS LIST HT-2180 Colour Television. This information are listed in the Haier HT-2180 Colour Television Service Manual. This could be usefull for everyone who wants to repair this type of television or maybe just want to know about the semiconductors within.

We’d give you information of the semicoductor rather than how to service the television even it lyied in the same article. There were sections about circuit explanation which contain integrated circuits used in this model (TBA1238AN-picture intermediate amplification, TMP87CK38N-super central micro-processing unit, LA7830/LA7833-field scan circuit, LA4275-sound power amplifier circuit, LA7910-wave band change-over switch) with functions and parameters in table view. The semiconductors part are also listed in detailed table of specification and its quantity.

You can find sections about numbering system of the resistors and capacitors for example,

RY17S —- 2W —- 390 —- J —- 05-E-A
Type —Wattage-Value(ohm)-Tolerance

RS11 —- 1/2W —- 1.8K —- K
Type Wattage Value Tolerance

CL42 —– 17 —- 50V —- 2F4 —- 104¬† —- Z
Type———– Voltage——Value (pF)—- Tolerance

Abreviation and description of part name also given in table view of its type and allowance. Give full read of Resistors and Capacitors in Haier HT-2180 Colour Television in this link to download – jump to page 34 until 50 of the pdf filetype (source: