All You Need To Know About Data Recovery – A Brief Overview

Data recovery is a highly sought-after service these days because there are millions of data loss cases happening each year in the corporate and business sector and personally by individuals. Data recovery helps retrieve the lost data in a very methodical manner with the help of tools and software that help extract information otherwise not accessible. It is a complicated and sensitive process that needs a deep understanding of how the storage devices function and the data channel before and after deletion.

There are different types of data recovery services available, such as –

  • Hard drive data recovery
  • RAID data recovery
  • Digital data recovery
  • Tape data recovery
  • Removable drive data recovery
  • NAS Recovery
  • Optical data recovery

These are the few types of data recovery that the data recovery services can assist with. There are many different ways followed by the professionals to recover the data lost, and while some use the slow and steady approach, others have the direct approach. Basically, a slow, steady and cautious approach is the best one because one mistake can forever lead to data loss. The intensity of the situation also depends on how the data has been lost. There are many reasons why the data is lost, a few of which are as follows –

Human Error

It is very commonly seen that sometimes people delete files unintentionally. It is possible to retrieve the deleted files, even if you empty the recycle bin, because these files are not completely deleted or destroyed by the system. There are high chances of retrieval if it is done soon and correctly.

Corrupted Software

Software corruption can happen anytime without notice, and this frequently leads to loss of data. Even though the software can actually correct itself mostly, sometimes it misses to fill in the blanks, lead to loss of data. In such situations, data recovery services can be helpful.

Mobility Factors

As most people store their data in the laptop, mobile, tablet, removable hard drive, pen drive, storage cards, and so on, which people carry on the go, mobility can damage these devices in the long run. The gravitational pull that works on these devices can harm the content in them.

Natural Disaster and Contamination

Natural disasters like storms, fire, rain, or exposure to different types of chemicals, liquids, water, and so on can also damage the storage devices. Data recovery to fight the contamination and recover whatever data is possible.

Hardware Defect

The flash drive, hard drive, removable drive, and other types of data cards and storage devices are made to last long but can suffer from mechanical error or damage without notice. Taking backups regularly is essential to ensure that you do not lose data in case of any damage to the storage device. Data recovery due to hardware damage is one of the most common scenarios, and one should always consider having an alternative storage option, just in case.

Malicious Attempts

Often, it has been reported that a jealous or mischievous employee in the company deletes or destroys important files that can lead to a severe loss of the company. Such situations can also be tracked back, and the data can be retrieved with the help of professional data recovery specialists.

These are just a few of the reasons why data can be lost. Many different reasons can lead to full or partial data loss, and in such situations, data recovery becomes essential. 


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