Build a strong social brand with these 5 fantastic strategies

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There is lot of chaos and frenzy on social media and you want people to hear your voice above all this confusion.  You can build a strong social media brand with these 5 fantastic strategies to get other’s attention. Social media is over crowded with people and competitors. And there are lot of confusions which can take spotlight off your brand.

There are different strategies which can teach how we can build strong social media brand which unique features that your audience identifies with likes and wants more of.

Here are five strategies which can help to build strong social media brand.

Utilize Mobile Advertising:

According to statistics there are more than 80% people who use internet on their smartphones than sitting in front of desktops. Mobile has become an important part of our lives.

Is your competition mobile optimized? If you want to compete with them and beat them then make a responsive web design that creates a seamless user experience which is mobile friendly.

You want responsive site which is an optimal version mean images can be resized by themselves when opened on different devices.

Mobile advertising is an expansive strategy to make your social media brand strong and choosing a wrong word format can make it a blunder.

Here are some ad formats which can be opted for mobile advertising.

  • Banner Ads: These are the simplest and most used ad formats. Banner ads appear on the top and bottom of the web page.
  • Interstitial Ads: These are interactive ads and appear across the page. These ads are relatively compelling and intrusive to audience

Enter the Social Media landscape:

Social media is godsend to digital marketing because most of the audience is active on social media. According to the fact 97% of the people ranging from 14 to 64 of age have used social media within last month. And Facebook is one the leading platform for social media branding.

Facebook is considered as king of social media. People usually communicate with their loved ones through facebook. We can post twice or thrice a day to promote our brand. Similarly Instagram is also important for influencial marketing. We can post and review products here too.

Another social media platform of sorts is Twitter. Photos tend to get the highest engagement on Twitter, and people mostly use it to keep up with the latest news, for helpful tips and tricks, and for content that isn’t personal. Twitter users tend to go through their feed faster than Facebook users, so post between three to seven times per day

Get an Influence:

Influence marketing is like tolerable marketing. Although it is advertising but its coming from someone so yeah it can be tolerable for you.

Influencer can be any popular kid or personality who is followed by millions of people. So we can use them for our marketing. We can use social media with influencer for our brand advertising. This is one of the useful strategies to build our social media strong.

Incorporate video:

Most of the internet users spend most of the time online watching videos. So marketers take advantage of this and market their brands with the help of videos.

This is also part of strategy to make our brand strong. Videos can be interesting, entertaining and an excellent way of branding our products.

Posting videos and engaging audience is one of the best way to build strong social media brand.

Go Live with Your Marketing Strategy:

This is also an interesting marketing strategy. We can go live on social media like on Facebook and engage audience in our conversation. You can hold Q/A sessions and interviews with our viewers. People can ask questions by posting comments and you can answer them.

According to stats Facebook made a $5 million deal for online streaming with different companies. It depicts that this strategy is very fruitful to make our brand stronger than others.

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