How to protect yourself from hackers

Despite the availability of many social spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social networks that have a large presence among users from various Arab and non-Arab countries 

and their strong presence in many areas of life such as marketing, for example, communication, acquaintance, curiosity, and providing a character Distinguished from the privacy that would give the user impartiality and confidentiality at work and dealing with personal accounts, but this privacy lacks greater protection similar to the protection currently available, which includes user names, passwords, various symbols, and other measures and preventive steps that maintain security Personal accounts.

Although those in charge of these interactive social spaces strive every day to provide users with modern protection steps, the digital reality on the ground brings us every day various complaints related to piracy, theft of personal accounts, hackers, and hackers, which push us to search for more committed and safe measures.

It is among the preventive measures that some see as routine and traditional. Still, it is the basis for protecting everything personal related to their personal accounts, and among these steps:

· Keep the password confidential

· Renew passwords from time to time

· Mix passwords of letters and numbers

· Skip suspicious incoming messages

· Ensure that our personal accounts are closed wherever we are when we finish working on them

· Save the password on our agenda

There are still many steps and procedures that we discover over time through our widespread use of social spaces, whatever the nature of our personal accounts on social spaces, whether it is for marketing, self-employment, or for communication and acquaintance, and everything positive for us, we have to provide it with integrated protection before it turns into a tool Negative action against us if it is hacked and falls into unsafe hands, so we must always strive to find complete protection for every breach that would hinder our progress and support the protection of our accounts through the experiences of others and not to fall into the mistakes of those before us from the users.


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