Kids Will Love to Learn to Play the Piano with Playground Sessions Software

Some kids take to piano lessons like the proverbial fish to water. Others start to learn the piano and quit. Some say they don’t want to learn to play the piano. Why is that?

What Kids Don’t Like About Piano Lessons

Most piano lessons don’t really address a kid’s needs, especially a modern kid who’d rather play a video game than sit at a piano practicing the same notes over and over.

  • Kids want more stimulation.
  • A kid knows what kind of music they like and what they want to learn to play.
  • They’d like to be able to see that they were making progress and play with their friends.

Most kids won’t find any of that at an expensive weekly piano lesson.

Learning to Play the Piano Makes Kids Smarter

Research has found that learning the piano actually makes kids smarter. It was found that nine months of weekly piano lessons raised the IQs of the young pianists by 3 whole points when compared to kids with no musical training.

Playground Sessions Has What Kids Want

Playground Sessions offers piano learning software that both kids and adult love. It’s an interactive way to learn to play the piano that’s easy and fun. Students proceed at their own pace. They choose the songs that they’re interested in playing. As they advance, they can compete with others in online sessions.

Quincy Jones has spent his life doing everything musical, including composing, producing and performing around the world. His passion is extending his love of music to others. He joined with the creators of the Playground Sessions when he saw that this was a wonderful way to learn to play the piano. It was fun, affordable and accessible to just about everyone.

David Sides is a well-known musician and internet sensation. He has a gift for teaching others. The instruction he provides through Playground Sessions online piano lessons can be repeated as often as needed, at the student’s pace.

Playground Sessions software is a great gift for any parent or grandparent to give their favorite kid. It mixes their love of computer games with musical training. They’ll thank you for it when they have acquired a skill that will last a lifetime.

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