Steps to Protect Your Accounts from Hacking and Surveillance

Your accounts can be hacked like Facebook Twitter Instagram or any other account easily and use the pictures and information in it, and your account can be stolen if you leave the computer open to someone, and in this case he takes your Facebook account by extracting the password from the browser, so you must beware of leaving the computer or mobile For one.

And your account can be hacked by sending a message in the form of a picture or a sexual video or with exciting news or anything that makes you open the link, and this link is nothing but a Trojan “virus” programmed to spy on you and take the password or what you write on the moxibustion and there are many These viruses, and each of them differs from the other in terms of characteristics and what they target in terms of data and information,

and when you open the link, the site asks you to download harmful browser add-ons that spy on you.

And to protect your Facebook account, you can follow several steps, namely

1 – Password must be strong:

How to be a strong password?

In order for your password to be strong, you must have the following:

– It consists of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and signs

– The password consist of at least 8 characters

– The password should not be your personal data, your name, your date of birth, or information known to everyone

Do not use passwords that are simple and to guess, such as 123456 or qwert123, for example, for strong password Pa $$ w0rd

2 – Login notifications:

Benefit of this feature is that it notifies you if you log in to your account from a new computer or phone that you have not logged in to before, and will be notified by email or SMS. To activate the feature, follow the following steps:

Go to Settings – then Security – Registration Alerts Log in – notifications, then click on Receive notifications, then click email Login Alerts

3- Agreeing to sign in “two-step login.”

And this feature uses your phone to protect your account from hacking. You receive a text message with a code that is written in a slot after typing the password to agree to log in,

or by downloading the Google Authenticator program to obtain from it the approval code to log in and to

activate this feature, log in to your account and follow the following:

Go to settings, click on security, click on approvals, login, click on enable, and a message will appear. Also, click on enable; now, when you log in from a new computer or phone, Facebook will ask you after writing it. Password Login Approval Code by sending the code to your phone in a text message

4- Trusted Contacts:

They have trusted friends on Facebook, and 3 friends are chosen from them even when you encounter problems accessing your account on Facebook. Facebook will send to your three friends whom you previously selected 3 codes. You will not be able to enter your account and change your password unless you obtain them

5- Update your antivirus and make sure your device is free of viruses

6- Do not open any suspicious links or applications that you do not trust on Facebook.

7- Protect the email that you use to log in to Facebook, and it is better to email Gmail because it has a verification code feature by phone. 

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