Technology trends that will transform content marketing

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Content marketing is basically a marketing strategy approach emphasized to create relevant, valuable content which can draw the attention of audience. This type of marketing is increasingly evolving. And successful brands only have one question in mind that what will be the technology trends that will transform content marketing ?

In recent years emerging as well as successful brands are taking advantage of advances in tech to create best content marketing strategies. According to stats of 2015, 65% of people spend time on mobile while rest of the 35% spends time on desktop.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies. Science portrays artificial intelligence with robots. Artificial intelligence helps to produce decent and relevant articles and content. AI has potential to transform content marketing or event it can revolutionize. It can enable you to develop content that resonates with your audience. Content marketers can get much advantage from artificial intelligence.

IoT and New Devices:

Present era seems unreal. People now days communicate with each other via networked connections. And these methods of communications are blessings of internet of things. Users are no longer restricted to their desktops, laptops, and smartphones as far as interacting with content is concerned. Now Bluetooth devices are available and even refrigerators can talk to users.

Content marketers can provide customized content based on location, monitoring data, and real-time alerts straight to the device. Marketers can send content based on proximity data, for instance, clothing retailers sending messages about dressing ideas during the cold season.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Virtual reality and augmented reality have massively emerged. Just like Pokemon Go game was introduced and it changed the whole idea of gaming. In the same way trend of Virtual reality is increasing rapidly. VR can help the users to meet the demands of visual demands.  This technology can help content marketers to make optimized VR. And it can transform content marketing.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming helps to broadcast live programs like sports and TV shows. And it has become an ordinary function for even smartphones. Live streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope have become more popular among everyday users. Content developers provide valuable content via live streaming. Last but not the least Facebook has also participated into the live streaming era providing users comfort. This technology trend will transform content marketing.

E-commerce and Social Media:

E-commerce and social media has helped content marketers to draw user’s attention towards them. Instagram followers and Facebook likes are used for content marketing. Social media is also used for purchasing as Ecommerce. Social media and e-commerce is one of the leading platform of content marketing. This technology trend is one of the leading trends that can transform content marketing.

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