Tips for Selling Using Social Media (Facebook)

Social media has revolutionized the way we use the Internet and consume information. Consumers are no longer the silent majority and media are no longer the guardians of information. Older small businesses can now participate in communication with consumers without traditional media as intermediaries and this gives the ecommerce an opportunity that has never had before. Social media tips to help you take your ecommerce to the next level.

Marketing a small business relies on three basic elements: a website, a blog, and social media. While the first two are no mystery, the latter is confusing to many. Mastering social media doesn’t come easily. If you aim to sell through it, you must avoid the number one mistake: being pushy.

Have a soft approach

It feels like an aggressive business and a tough territory to be in, but becoming aggressive yourself is not the right way. Instead, try a soft approach. Keep in mind that people don’t spend their time on social networks to shop; they come from something else. ‘Inspiring’ and ‘persuasion’ are the keywords here.

Imagine your audience

What kind of people are they, how do they prefer to spend their time? Where do they live? What relaxes or entertains them? Is there a prevalent gender, age, or occupation? The answer to these questions will create a portray of whom you want to ‘impress’ and determine the target audience. This may also lead you to make a change of social media channels. You may consider, for example, Instagram to be more suitable than Facebook.

Share content from others

Sure there are other brands or people in the same industry who produce valuable and relevant content. To enrich your information stream, always remember to share captivating posts from other pages. It’s not all about you, but it all helps you in the end. You will catch the attention of your followers more effectively as you share from others, too.

Understand how Facebook works now

To eliminate a great deal of frustration, you must get rid of unrealistic expectations. Facebook has made some changes not long ago. After that, it became increasingly difficult for businesses to get seen. Learn about how Facebook helps small businesses get their message through and have more visible posts. Posting great content is no longer sufficient. Even when you seem to have earned something on the channel, you should be aware that there are many more metrics to track besides the followers, likes, and shares.

Let people sample


If it’s possible, have your followers try your services without any obligation whatsoever. Let them sample what you sell. People always be attracted to free trials and samples. Make sure you do your best. It will be an invitation to get more from you. When trust is built, they will be more inclined to make a purchase.

Social media tips to help you take your ecommerce to the next level

Strategy # 1 – Understand why people use social media

A recent study suggests that people use social media to:

  • Communicate
  • Express Themselves
  • Pass the time
  • Curling

These are pretty much the same reasons that people use the Internet in general, with deference that people do not use social networks for a major fifth purpose the information they seek. This is important since it also means that people are not using social networks to find information about companies, products or services.

The study concluded that the main reasons people use social media is to pass the time and entertain. For this reason, we must be pleasant and try to entertain.

Strategy # 2 – Create good content

Good content is always important for any sites cause content is the main terms to attract visitors, so it should be professional and high quality like best essay service.

It is unlikely that users up to share your ecommerce products selflessly. Typically share fun and interesting publications, videos and pictures. This should reinforce the idea that social media should not be considered as a sales channel. It is much more useful as a “first contact” with customers.

What is good content to share?

New interesting, surprising and unique information

Anything that makes people laugh

Something nice to touch the heartstrings

Good pictures (better options)

Messages that reinforce a worldview

Strategy # 3 – Build relationships with influential people

Most people use social networks for entertainment and fewer people use to express themselves, often these expressive people are the most influential people. Many also have blogs or personal websites.

Must focus on building a relationship with these influencers and it is easier to do so with your personal profile with ecommerce. Once you have established relationships with influencers, draw attention in social networks is easier.

Strategy # 4 – Go where your community is

Your community does not have to be on Facebook although it is the social network with more users…

The first will do question is, Where is my community No matter the industry, there are somewhere on the internet where they are talking about your sector? You should find that community; it could be a group on facebook, a forum or message board.

That does not mean you should neglect to a wider audience. A strong community often exists in a forum, followed by a general public at a site like Facebook or Twitter.

Remember, social media is not a place, but a revolution in the way we communicate. The most important thing about social media is that it allows bidirectional communication.

Strategy # 5 – The social media conversions are rare

Consumers do not use social networks to interact with you. They use it to entertain and socialize with friends.

The advantage of social media is its ability to spread messages virally. People pay more attention to something that has been shared by their friends than to ads.

In the end, if there is one thing that is clear is that social media is no longer new. Not to be used in social networks. Many users are tired of brands that do not stop advertising in social media. You have to use social media to entertain and build relationships with influential people. Do not waste time trying to “sell blatantly” in social networks.

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